Leap into an exciting career in finance
Do you want to work in finance but feel it could be out of your reach?
So, what is the London Banking Academy and how can it help you?! The LBA is a new subsidiary of Delta Capita, a global capital markets consulting, managed services, and technology provider.
The goal of the LBA is to provide access to expert content and training for a wide range of audiences who have a keen interest in financial services. Our Foundation Course has been designed for individuals who wish to pursue a career in financial services but did not study a finance-related degree, or for those who do not have the relevant industry work experience required to land a job in this area.

LBA courses have been crafted by experienced professionals who collectively have over 250 years of experience within investment banking, and learning and development experts, to create a world-class training academy. Our LBA Foundation course is structured through self-led learning which can be completed in your own time and around other work/life commitments. It’s completed online, through media such as expert-led video sessions and eLearning content.

This comprehensive course will bridge the gap in your knowledge and make your CV stand out with employers. It will give you an outstanding platform for a successful and exhilarating career in financial services. Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate accredited as equivalent to a level 4 diploma in finance (currently pending with Chartered Banker Institute - to be backdated once awarded).

The Foundation Course is comprised of 52 hours of specialist content across five modules and will provide you with:

· An in-depth understanding of Capital Markets;
· Enhanced theoretical and practical knowledge and skills; and
· Eligibility to complete the LBA’s Practitioner Course.

The course features five modules covering a wide range of topics from advanced finance and banking to sustainable finance. Upon successful completion of the Foundation Course, you will have:

  1. Gained strong knowledge of Capital Markets, banking infrastructure, and operations - from immersing yourself in the 2008 financial crash to understanding how it impacted global banking and trade.
  2. A deep understanding of finance – including: commodities, trade securities, and commercial lending. You will learn about newer and less conventional banking methods such as shadow banking and cryptocurrencies, as well as discovering advanced finance concepts, including the criminal side of banking (i.e., anti-money laundering, fraud, and terrorist financing).
  3. Learnt how investment banking is monitored to protect investors and banks. You’ll have developed a strong understanding of the risks of not treating compliance properly.
  4. Looked at how major world events such as Covid impacted world markets and how Capital Markets navigated them. On top of this, you’ll have examined how future events could impact financial services and how, in a constantly evolving world, political uncertainty and economic fluctuations can provide deep risks and opportunities in the finance industry.
  5. Grasped the critical nature of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors in the finance sector - and how they show the public firms care about the way they act.
  6. An understanding of how financial markets keep up with changing ESG regulations and how important compliance is.

These modules will be delivered by industry-leading experts, including David Long, Photis Lysandrou, Gary McClure, Dom Amura, Humphrey Percy, and David Mills.

To start your learning journey towards a successful career in financial services, visit the London Banking Academy or click ‘register your interest’ below. You can arrange a free consultation to establish whether this course is suitable for you and receive details on how to enroll. If you have any questions in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to get in touch at support@londonbankingacademy.com.
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