Our story
Our mission is to support the entry, transition, and growth of individuals in Capital Markets
Until now, a lack of relevant degree or limited experience has prevented talented individuals from entering the banking industry and reaching their full potential. With unique and tailored courses designed for aspiring finance professionals, as well as practical courses to enhance the skills and the networks of existing professionals, we’re helping you, your future employers, and the industry to grow.
About us
The London Banking Academy is a collaboration between experienced professionals from investment banking, and learning & development experts who have created world-class training academies.

Delta Capita is a global Capital Markets consulting, managed services and technology provider. Its leadership team, comprised of the industry-leading experts, recognised that opportunities to forge a career in Financial Services were scarce for those who did not go to university or study finance-related topics. They were even limited for graduates with a relevant degree but who lacked practical experience, which can be difficult to obtain. Similarly, those wishing to initiate a career change part-way through their working life found the transition into Financial Services almost impossible due to the strict requirements most financial institutions have in place.
In response, our team created a unique educational pathway that enables ambitious individuals to seize opportunities that would otherwise have been out of reach. With a world-class training syllabus, ability to offer simulated work environments, and continued access to top industry experts, the LBA is unique in its ability to securely guide you into a successful career, regardless of how little or much prior experience or knowledge you have.
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