From help getting started, exam queries and learning about the LBA, our FAQ list should give you the answers you’re looking for
Help Getting Started
How do I register for the LBA?
Head to our Foundation Course page and click ‘Register your interest’, then enter your details and we will be in contact shortly. Or if you have all the information you need, select ‘Enrol now’ to sign up immediately!
Once registered, what happens next?
Once you have signed up for the course, you will receive a welcome email explaining how to get started. No need to wait, you can start straight away!
What LBA courses can I complete?
We currently offer the LBA Foundation Course; an in-depth understanding of Capital Markets, which is endorsed by the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investments and certified by the CPD. Stay tuned for more courses in the future!
Do I need prior industry knowledge to be accepted on to this course?
Our employer-recognised Foundation Course is designed for: those who wish to produce a career in financial services, those who are looking for a career change and are lacking the industry knowledge required, or those who are seeking an additional qualification to boost their CV
Course Information
What modules does the Foundation Course offer?
Check out our Foundation Course to find a breakdown of our modules. This combination of topics will give you the knowledge to confidently embark on a career journey within Capital Markets. There are 35 topics covering a wide range of areas within 6 main modules.
Is there a deadline for completing the Foundation Course?
You have 120 days to complete the course from the day of your enrolment (the start date you agreed as part of the onboarding process).
What is the estimated time needed complete the course?
Dependant on the individual and their commitments, the time it takes to complete the course varies. The course length is between 40 and 60 hours depending on learning speed, and we allow 120 days to complete it. You can go at a pace that suits you and fit the course around other commitments.
How do I learn?
The course is self-led, completed online, and features a combination of expert-led video sessions and eLearning content. Signing into the platform to complete your course is simple, and the system is user-friendly and secure. There will be opportunities to test your learning at the end of each module through mini-assessments.
Who are the LBA teachers?
Learn from industry experts with extensive experience in tier 1 and tier 2 banks.

We have a fantastic range of subject matter experts who have designed and delivered this content:
  • David Mills - Former Head of Loans, Europe - Deutsche Bank
  • Humphrey Percy - Former Head of Foreign Exchange Markets - Barclays Group
  • Gary Bullock - Former Global Head of Group Operations - Credit Suisse
  • Photis Lysandrou - Professor of Global Political Economics - City University
  • Gary McClure - Former Managing Director - HSBC Group
  • Tracey Allen - Former Exec Director - Goldman Sachs
  • David Long - Former COO/EMEA - Credit Suisse
  • Dom Amura - Former Global Head of Equities Operations - HSBC Markets
Do I have access to the tutors?
Yes! All the content has been created by our industry experts who we can contact directly. Therefore, we can ask questions about the content and their specialist areas. This is a unique offering for online training courses.

If you have any questions for any of our tutors, get in touch by contacting admin@londonbankingacademy.com.
How can I receive learning material help?
We have a dedicated support line to help you with your learning. Email admin@londonbankingacademy.com for any student support where you can receive tailored feedback as you complete the course.
Is there a way to track progress?
Look out for emails from admin@londonbankingacademy.com, where our training coordinators will ensure you are on track and are there to help if, at any point, you find yourself stuck or in need of additional assistance.
What are the mini assessments?
To check you are understanding the content, some modules have a mini assessment to conclude the module and allow you to progress forward. These do not affect your final grade but are there to test your learning and ensure you are getting the most out of the course.
How do I complete the exam?
When all modules are completed, please email our coordinators at admin@londonbankingacademy.com to book your exam slot. This will be done online through virtual invigilation.
What is the exam format?
The final exam will be invigilated online, via Microsoft Teams. This is a closed book test with multiple choice and free text answers.
How many attempts do I have to complete the exam?
You will be able to retake your mini assessments at the end of each module, however retaking the final exam comes with a fee, which is outlined in the course terms and conditions.
What do I receive upon completion of the Foundation Course?
Upon completing all modules and successfully passing the exam, you will receive:
  • Certificate of completion endorsed by the CISI and certified by the CPD
  • An in-depth understanding of Capital Markets
  • Enhanced theoretical and practical knowledge and skills
What jobs could I get after completing the LBA?
As one of the most lucrative industries, the Capital Market industry boasts an array of employment opportunities, from Investment Banking, Portfolio Management to Trading.

With knowledge of Capital Markets, you can access one of the highest-paying industries. This sector offers a variety of rewarding roles, with excellent diversity and career progression. Look into Investment Banker, Data Analyst and consultancy roles to find out more!
Is the Foundation Course recognised by potential employers?
Yes! Our LBA Foundation in Capital Markets course has been endorsed by the CISI and certified by CPD, a recognition of the quality of our course content and delivery.

The CISI aims to champion lifelong learning and integrity, raising individual standards of knowledge, skills, and behaviour globally to enhance public trust and confidence in financial services. In addition, the CPD certification is an impartial and objective review of the educational learning structure and value of our professional training.

Once completed, you will receive a certificate in recognition of your learning.
Is there an LBA app?
Not yet, but keep your eyes peeled for future development.
Is the LBA available in different languages?
Our LBA course is currently available in English only. Keep a look out for future developments.
Is there a trial period?
We do not offer a trail period. However, please get in touch for a free consultation to see whether the course is for you by emailing support@londonbankingacademy.com.
Where are you located/based?
The LBA is based in London, but our course can be completed anywhere in the world.
Payment Information
What are the payment options?
We currently accept card payments only, with options via Klarna or Clearpay (with 0% interest options).
How much does the LBA course cost?
The LBA Foundation Course is £549 and includes automatically becoming a part of the ever-growing LBA community upon completion.
Other Support
How can I change my contact details?
Get in touch by contacting our support email at admin@londonbankingacademy.com.
Help with technical difficulties
If you are experiencing technical difficulties, get in touch by contacting our support email at support@londonbankingacademy.com.
Still need to get in touch?
Get in touch by contacting our support email at support@londonbankingacademy.com and we will be in touch shortly.
Can’t find what you are looking for?
Get in touch today by emailing our Support Team at support@londonbankingacademy.com or contact us and we will be in touch
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