With ThriveDX’s Gil Adani and Roy Zur, hosted
by Prytek co-CEO Arnon Shiboleth
Prytek Tech Series:
at 2pm UK time
8 December, Thursday
Arnon is Prytek's co-CEO and Managing Director. Prior to joining Prytek, Arnon was a principal investor, investing in startups and industrial companies. Arnon also worked for many years at Apax Partners focused on technology, financial services and consumer companies; he also has experience as an investment banker at JPMorgan’s M&A Group and as a lawyer
Co-CEO & Managing Director
Arnon Shiboleth
Gil is the Founder and co-CEO of ThriveDX (formerly HackerU), the global leader in cybersecurity and digital skills training. As a high-tech entrepreneur, Gil started coding at the age of 15. He was recruited to the Israeli Intelligence and served as a Captain in the Technological Intelligence Division. Following his service, he studied law and accounting in Tel Aviv University, and he’s a certified CPA

Combining his technology background with business experience; Gil was involved in multiple tech and business initiatives over the years, and built ThriveDX from the ground up, first to become the #1 tech training company in Israel, and then as the global leader in cyber and digital skills training
Founder & Co-CEO of ThriveDX
Gil Adani
Roy is the Founder and CEO of Cybint, now the Enterprise division of ThriveDX, a global digital transformation education company aiming to reskill the workforce and upskill the industry in cybersecurity. Roy has over 20 years of experience in cyber and education with a proven track record of establishing industry leading organizations

Roy also founded and currently serves as chairman of OMEK Centre, an Israeli research institute for policy and legislation, and acts as adjunct Professor of risk management in cybersecurity at Reichman University. Roy has previously served as legal advisor at the Supreme Court of Israel, and holds Business and Law degrees from Tel Aviv University
CEO of ThriveDX Entreprise
Roy Zur
Dan spearheads global expansion and leads the charge to empower the global workforce with the in-demand digital skills that the cyber and digital industries demand. A serial entrepreneur for over 30 years, Dan specializes in the growth and development of purpose driven and disruptive businesses. His uncanny ability to search out new ideas, disrupt industries and build a company from the ground up makes him an integral member of any business management team
Founder and Executive Chairman of ThriveDX
Dan Vigdor
Gil, Roy, and Arnon will discuss
The event will be held online via Zoom. Please register using the link below
  • Countering the human threat in cybersecurity
  • The need for reskilling and upskilling to boost organizations’ protection
About ThriveDX
ThriveDX is an ecosystem of cyber and tech education solutions for universities, enterprises, and students. A premier tech and cyber skills training provider with cutting-edge proprietary software, an end-to-end training platform, and a multi-channel business approach that provides solutions to the global challenges posed by digital transformation:

  • Turnkey managed services of the end-to-end value chain
  • to universities and education institutions in launching bootcamps and labs environments for students
  • Cyber Security Training Institute with synchronous/asynchronous courses and job placement opportunities
  • Enterprise end-to-end cybersecurity training, simulation, and education solutions for upskilling and reskilling of employees and recruitment of new cyber talent
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