Andrey Yashunsky, Founder & CEO of Prytek
Introduction to Prytek
at 2pm UK time
20 September, Tuesday
Andrey Yashunsky
Founder & CEO
Andrey Yashunsky is the Founder and Co-CEO of Prytek. Prior to this, he worked at Global Fintech Solutions, an investment fund and technologies distributor platform, as well as Da Vinci Capital and FMF Capital.

He holds a BA in Economics & Management from Bar-ilan University, Israel
Prior to joining Prytek, Arnon was a principal investor, investing in startups and industrial companies. Prior to that, Arnon worked for many years at Apax Partners focused on technology, financial services and consumer companies. Prior to that, Arnon worked as an investment banker at JPMorgan’s M&A Group and as a lawyer
Co-CEO & Managing Director
Arnon Shiboleth
Andrey will discuss the following:
The event will be both in-person at the Delta Capita office and online via Zoom (see link below). If you would like to attend in-person, please note that space is first come first served
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· Lead generation bonus program for employees
About Prytek
Prytek creates vertically-integrated global enterprise infrastructure platforms, powered by proprietary software and DeepTech investments to outsource operations and manage infrastructure or services for the largest Tier-1 financial institutions, universities, enterprises, and governments.
The group operates through a Corporate Arm comprised of three controlled technology-enabled managed services companies and a Corporate Venture Arm that actively manages a portfolio of private software and DeepTech investments.
The Corporate Arm focuses on delivering technology-enabled solutions and services and the Corporate Venture Arm develops disruptive software technologies utilized by the Operations Platform.
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