My journey into finance as an international student
Despite being an international graduate with previous financial experience in ME, considering my education from the Middle East, I had limited knowledge of international derivatives or the capital market. I am in my thirties and the idea that I must study a new degree to gain this knowledge with high tuition fees and a stressful visa application was off-putting.

Therefore, I started searching for a training course, or an academy, that could provide me with the skills and knowledge I needed to succeed in the international finance industry. However, it was a risk. Paying for a course that may not cover the area that I want and may not be accreditable is a gamble for anyone.

After researching several academies, I found the introduction videos from the London Banking Academy. I was impressed by the professionalism and expertise of the academy staff, leading to me enrolling at LBA.
From research, a course needs to be informative and challenging. I needed a course that offered flexibility so I can study at my own pace and schedule. I was also on the lookout for a banking course that could improve my English skills as learning through an interactive platform with expert-led video sessions and eLearning content offers a contrast of materials.

It’s important to find a course with highly experienced instructors, as this leads to greater learning about the finance industry. For individuals looking for a career in finance and banking this type of course could lead to greater insight to set your career goals within the financial sector.
Start your journey today
To start your exhilarating journey into financial services, visit London Banking Academy and click ‘register your interest’. After submitting your details, you will receive a confirmation email and, soon after, a follow-up email to discuss the programme/s you are interested in and how to enroll. If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact us at

nael Almajzoub, ANALYST
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