Ori Faran, Founder & Executive Director of FICX
Prytek Tech Series: ficx
at 2pm UK time
27 October, Thursday
Dr. Ori Faran
Founder, Executive Director of FICX
A pioneer in contact center innovation, a PhD in Customer Engagement. Ori holds founded FICX at 2012, has Visual IVR patents and with the company gained additional vast experience optimizing customer journeys, process automation and technology deployment for leading global enterprises
Andrey Yashunsky is the Founder and Co-CEO of Prytek. Prior to this, he worked at Global Fintech Solutions, an investment fund and technologies distributor platform, as well as Da Vinci Capital and FMF Capital.

He holds a BA in Economics & Management from Bar-ilan University, Israel
Founder & CEO of Prytek
Andrey Yashunsky
Ori and Andrey will discuss the following:
The event will be held online via Zoom. Please register using the link below
  • Self-service, attended service, and what’s in between
  • Digital customer service 3.0, post covid: what is left to innovate?
  • No-code building environments: who will build new digital assets?
About Ficx
FICX is all about advance digital customer engagement channels. From Live Agent Collaboration Portal, allowing agents to visually engage with customers while on valuable and complex calls, Digital Form offering optimized customer journey and sophisticated data integration as well as Visual IVR that brings digital even to callers.

These unique self and attendant service channels are agile and the platform allow non-developers to build, integrate, and deploy such digital service experiences in a drag-and-drop interface. Allowing business team to create pixel-perfect digital self-service simply by assembling pre-built code.

Our channels shows fantastic effectiveness and customer satisfaction and the no-code approach gets digital customer experiences in-market 10X faster than traditional development
Leading brands use FICX to get important digital self-service capabilities in the hands of customers fast
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