Behind the Scenes- How We Made our Capital Markets Foundation Course
The most important thing when designing a new course is to understand the ‘why.’ Simon Sinek developed this methodology in 2009 and it refers to ‘creating a compelling higher purpose to understand what we do’. For the London Banking Academy, the ‘why’ has always been that we want to create a more diverse pipeline into financial services, which has traditionally been a somewhat elite industry. We further want to create opportunities for students leaving university to gain the basic knowledge of Capital Markets they would need to join a top-tier bank or asset management firm. Our Capital Markets Foundation course, then, needed to help us to achieve this objective by providing a comprehensive understanding for individuals with little or no prior knowledge of Capital Markets. This was going to be predominantly aimed at Graduates but would also be relevant to people looking for a career change into finance later in their careers.

To differentiate this course and provide real value to delegates, we wanted to ensure that our course content was created by industry practitioners who had valuable experience applying theory in the real world. So, we built up a team of nine individuals with extensive experience in C-Suite positions at leading Tier 1 and 2 banks. These industry experts became our tutors.

The second thing we needed to do was create a structure for the course. We wanted a course that built on knowledge as the learner progressed and the modules became increasingly advanced. We worked with our brilliant tutors to come up with key learner objectives for each module and a clear learner journey. Our content has been reviewed and accredited by the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investments (CISI) in recognition of the high standard of the subject matter.

This was then reviewed through a learning and development lens, to ensure we were using best practice methodology for learner engagement and retention throughout. Our course is a combination of interactive eLearning and video training by our tutors, with complimentary articles and further reading signposted. Our commitment to the delegate and ensuring our content is designed in the best possible way to promote learning has been recognised by the CPD who have also accredited our course.

London Banking Academy’s Foundation in Capital Markets launched on the 28th of November 2022 and currently has a 70% pass rate, which we monitor over time. We further ensure we are taking on board delegate evaluations to maintain our accreditations and course excellence. If you’re interested in finding out more about our course, check out our brochure on the LBA Foundation Page.
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Rachel Sedgwick, Head of Content
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